Road tripping

Girmantas | Surfing, Travel

Road tripping was always a part of my life. Back when I was a child, my parents would take us [...]

Most exciting surf session

Girmantas | Surfing

When you hear about the most exciting surf session, first [...]

Baja Especial

Girmantas | Surfing, Windsurfing

Baja especial is a recipe that I live by for almost two months already: life supported by ocean and powered [...]

Moving west

Girmantas | Surfing, Windsurfing, Travel

I’ve moved to the Pacific, on the west of Baja two weeks ago. However, it took me a while to [...]

Le c’anal

Girmantas | Surfing

Just a couple days before our departure the ocean taught us yet another lesson. The waves on the point seemed [...]

Sunset sessions

Girmantas | Surfing, Photography

With the tide coming in and no wind to mess up the wave face, sunset sessions became one of the [...]

Leaving Abre

Girmantas | Surfing, Windsurfing, Travel

Everything that begins has to end. This year, we’ve already [...]