Racing dark

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Even before waking up at the Pacific coast for the first time, we already knew that long days spent in our [...]

Asturias Kingdom

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Rolling down the hills full of mining camps, breaking through [...]

Getting around Baja

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I have planned to rent a car for this trip. However, as I’ve mentioned in my last blog entry – [...]

Hot chick and Mexican visa

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I’ve broad the biggest quiver for my trip to Mexico this time. Two windsurf boards, three sails, three masts, a [...]

Airplane diet

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It’s not that easy to reach Baja from Lithuania. Basically any trip will have you at least 24 hours on [...]

Following the Kasbah trail

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After taking our rental car to Agadir Kriss and me took a local taxi to Ouarzazate. Across Morocco, towards Algerian [...]

Back to Africa

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It’s been almost 6 years since my first visit in [...]