One week in La Ventana

Girmantas | Travel

Spotas readers already know a lot about La Ventana. But what can you do here during one-week regular holidays? Spotas [...]

Photo story: fishing dorado

Aistė | Photography, Travel

We left together with the sunrise While our captain was [...]

Wave texture

Aistė | Surfing, Travel

Little by little wind season is going to an end here in La Ventana. Last students, last Corona box, then [...]

La Ventana

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Baja California is probably the longest peninsula in the world. It’s located between Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez (aka [...]

El Norte kicked in

Girmantas | Windsurfing, Kitesurfing

As it happens time to time, El Norte kicked in this morning with a bit gusty but still strong wind [...]

Turtle hatchlings

Girmantas | Travel, Kita

Not quite ninjas but most probably because they live in water. Anyway those small guys were quite unexpected as the [...]

Boiling sea

Aistė | Kitesurfing, Kita

I risk to be boring in my blog but once [...]