Most exciting surf session

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When you hear about the most exciting surf session, first thing that comes to mind is plenty of perfectly shaped [...]

Baja Especial

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Baja especial is a recipe that I live by for [...]

Moving west

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I’ve moved to the Pacific, on the west of Baja two weeks ago. However, it took me a while to [...]

Spotas reflections | Caleb

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So, ladies and gentlemen, here comes a pinch of sand and salt straight from Mexico to your screens: Lithuanian windsurfer [...]

Coming up: Spotas Reflections

Girmantas | Video

Winter came to Lithuania and I have started to browse my photo and video gallery from tropic countries more often. [...]

Leaving Abre

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Everything that begins has to end. This year, we’ve already spent almost a month in Punta Abreojos. We did almost [...]

To be or not to be… uncool?

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Since I enjoy riding equipment that was uncool before uncool [...]