Dance dance dance

Aistė | Photography, Kita

News from Lithuania. Maybe not so much news for those who know at least a little bit about the dance [...]

Don’t miss out

Aistė | Photography

Cold cold winter outside. Haven’t been so cold quite a [...]

Body language

Aistė | Kita

Body language – mystic thing that civilized world nows much about but never uses. Every few years there is a [...]

Photo story: waiting for the wind

Aistė | Windsurfing, Photography

Every single windsurfer learns to appreciate the waiting. Most of the time they wait for the right conditions, right wind [...]

Aiste gone kiting

Girmantas | Kitesurfing

Another lazy afternoon in La Ventana. Wind has already picked up and Aiste packed her beloved 6 sqm RRD Religion [...]

San Francisco

Girmantas | Travel, Video

Enjoying the great views of the Pacific Highway we have reached San Francisco. Short stop at Live2Kite store to get [...]

Photo story: fishing dorado

Aistė | Photography, Travel

We left together with the sunrise While our captain was [...]