Dance dance dance

Aistė | Photography, Kita

News from Lithuania. Maybe not so much news for those who know at least a little bit about the dance [...]


Aistė | Photography, Kitesurfing

While Girmantas is making hot movies from hot Brazil, we [...]

Icesurfing or how latvians took it all

Aistė | Windsurfing

Lithuanian winter already reached its middle. After few weeks we all will be thinking about the spring. However, we still [...]

Don’t miss out

Aistė | Photography

Cold cold winter outside. Haven’t been so cold quite a long time. At the same time – it is sooo [...]

Body language

Aistė | Kita

Body language – mystic thing that civilized world nows much about but never uses. Every few years there is a [...]

Damn late

Girmantas | Windsurfing, Travel

Lately the shades of all kind of stuff has covered me from the sun. Moving to a new place, work [...]

just smile

Aistė | Kita

Trough these two, three, four… days, weeks while I was [...]