Locals, barrels, karma, modesty and respect

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From Nazaré to WSL Portugal to Asturian beaches – Atlantic low pressure system light up the entire Western Europe with [...]

Good things come to those who…

Girmantas | Travel, Kita

This blog entry was sitting in the back of my [...]

Most exciting surf session

Girmantas | Surfing

When you hear about the most exciting surf session, first thing that comes to mind is plenty of perfectly shaped [...]

Leaving Abre

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Everything that begins has to end. This year, we’ve already spent almost a month in Punta Abreojos. We did almost [...]


Girmantas | Surfing

This never published, short excerpt of surfer novel  doesn’t need any introduction. Just free your mind and feel what is [...]

One week in La Ventana

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Spotas readers already know a lot about La Ventana. But what can you do here during one-week regular holidays? Spotas [...]

Buggy experience

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Travelers going to Brazil know about or at least have [...]