Airplane diet

Girmantas | Travel

It’s not that easy to reach Baja from Lithuania. Basically any trip will have you at least 24 hours on [...]

The first batch

Girmantas | Surfing, Photography, Video

We went to Morocco not only to spend our time [...]

The state of mind

Girmantas | Kita, Video

What is Spotas? It’s not an act, nor time, it’s not eve a place, even though the name suggests so. [...]

Lazy sunday afternoon

Girmantas | Kita, Video

Ever since I came back to Lithuania, around beginning of June, life kinda stopped on Spotas. Firstly I had to [...]


Aistė | Photography, Kitesurfing

While Girmantas is making hot movies from hot Brazil, we are not cold or bored in Lithuanian winter either. Week [...]

Photo story: live from Kaunas streets

Aistė | Photography

Last few weeks brought me few times to Kaunas.  This time it is a short photo story about street style [...]

Icesurfing or how latvians took it all

Aistė | Windsurfing

Lithuanian winter already reached its middle. After few weeks we [...]