Moving west

Girmantas | Surfing, Windsurfing, Travel

I’ve moved to the Pacific, on the west of Baja two weeks ago. However, it took me a while to [...]

Airplane diet

Girmantas | Travel

It’s not that easy to reach Baja from Lithuania. Basically [...]

La Ventana Classic 2011

Girmantas | Windsurfing, Kitesurfing

This year La Ventana Classic event started way before January 19th. Town cleaning, burning bushes and many other activities set [...]

One week in La Ventana

Girmantas | Travel

Spotas readers already know a lot about La Ventana. But what can you do here during one-week regular holidays? Spotas [...]

Making of “open La Ventana”

Girmantas | Video

I was very happy when open La Ventana was viewed for a thousand times on Friday, however, today the number [...]

A little grain of joy

Girmantas | Kita

Even though this last week didn’t bring any wind at all and unexpectedly we have got busy with some random [...]

open La Ventana

Girmantas | Video

So here it is! The very first documentary by Spotas [...]