Estado Puro

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Finally! Long expected and “concieved” even longer the Ecuador video. Short clip about the beautiful country, what we have seen [...]

Santa Marianita, Ecuador

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Beautiful Latin country Ecuador is divided to four main touristic [...]

Double prices or “oh god! oh my god!”

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We’ve spent 6 weeks in Ecuador. It’s a beautiful country, however, it wasn’t very welcoming to us. We had to [...]

Hunting volcanoes

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It takes no time to put on a camouflage vest and grab a shotgun in your mind since you hear [...]

Highland dwarfs

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Have you ever considered the legends’ origin? I had an opportunity to consider this issue when we have visited small [...]


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Those who know me, know that there is a reason for my obsession to save homeless animals, and why I [...]

My Quito

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Every city is different. Every city has its own mood [...]