On making mistakes or not. And learning from it or not.

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They say you should learn from mistakes. But how one decides whether it was a mistake in the first place? [...]

It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock’n’roll

Girmantas | Surfing, Windsurfing

A good autumn day in Šventoji. It’s still warm enough [...]

Baja Especial

Girmantas | Surfing, Windsurfing

Baja especial is a recipe that I live by for almost two months already: life supported by ocean and powered [...]

La Ventana Classic 2011

Girmantas | Windsurfing, Kitesurfing

This year La Ventana Classic event started way before January 19th. Town cleaning, burning bushes and many other activities set [...]

To be or not to be… uncool?

Girmantas | Windsurfing

Since I enjoy riding equipment that was uncool before uncool was cool (and if you doubt that – check out [...]

Freetyle revision

Girmantas | Windsurfing

So as you can see in the blog – there’s not much stuff happening in our lives. Windy every day, [...]

Back on freestyle track

Girmantas | Windsurfing

When I became Lithuanian freestyle champion almost four years ago, [...]