Spotas Brazil: Youri & Nick

Girmantas | Kitesurfing, Video

My laptop is still full of the video footage from Brazil. Little by little some clips are coming together and [...]

Calm before the storm

Girmantas | Kita

The New Years have come with no hassle in Spotas. [...]

Synchronized Pool Fun

Aistė | Photography

While the temperature is rapidly decreasing in Lithuania, I have remembered some pictures from hot days. I clearly remember the [...]

Meet Nick Jacobsen

Girmantas | Photography, Kitesurfing, Video

Last week you saw some shots of Youri Zoon training in between Argentinian and Australian PKRA stops and today Spotas [...]

Photo story: Youri Zoon

Aistė | Photography, Kitesurfing

Nothing much to write about… We met him. We watched him. Impressive. Hope it’ll be impressive for you [...]


Aistė | Travel

The time is spinning like in a merry-go-round. It is hard for us to get used to this feeling again. [...]

Amusing people, those politics

Aistė | Kita

We live in the vortex of Brazilian election already for [...]