On making mistakes or not. And learning from it or not.

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They say you should learn from mistakes. But how one decides whether it was a mistake in the first place? [...]

Baja never ends

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After the fights with the airlines and quite a long [...]

Crossing borders

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Following south by the sunny California coast you meet one of the mostly overlooked and secured border in the world [...]

Getting around Baja

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I have planned to rent a car for this trip. However, as I’ve mentioned in my last blog entry – [...]

Moving west

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I’ve moved to the Pacific, on the west of Baja two weeks ago. However, it took me a while to [...]

Endless Baja

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If someone ever asked me to describe Baja California in one word, that word would be “endless”. Almost 2000 km [...]

Follow waves to the edge of the world

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Everyone is following his own passion and dreams. One might [...]