One week in La Ventana

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Spotas readers already know a lot about La Ventana. But what can you do here during one-week regular holidays? Spotas [...]

Buggy experience

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Travelers going to Brazil know about or at least have [...]

Lucni Bauda, Czech Republic

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Winter in the Northern hemisphere is snow time. Snow time means that it’s time to test and improve your snowboarding, [...]

Beer o’clock. Weed o’clock. Coke o’clock.

Aistė | Kita

Every instructor knows that in the evening, when all the students are gone home, it is beer o’clock. Cold, fresh [...]

23 hours in the air

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We have spent half of the year in Mexico. We worked, we rested, we windsurfed and kitesurfed, we were lazy, [...]

The West of Baja

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Baja – the legend of Pacific which is known to majority of water sports and wave lovers. However, even being [...]


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So here it is. The summer has come to La [...]