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Winter in the Northern hemisphere is snow time. Snow time means that it’s time to test and improve your snowboarding, skiing and snow-kiting skills. In the winter 2008 the group of four freshly made kiteboarders decided to find some legendary snow-kiting place in the Czech mountains.

Browsing through local web forums Marijonas (one of the brave ones) found a native Czech guy (Roman) who told a story about the legendary place in the Giant Mountains in Krkonossky national park. He also said that the conditions for the snow kiting on the mountain top is sooo good…sooo good…that he would join us. We took the deal.



Few days later we packed all of our equipment into the car and hit the road through Lithuania, Poland straight into the Czech snow-kiting paradise. The trip wasn’t a very hard one. As we all could drive, we all shared wheel responsibilities, so the trip took about 13 hours.


Our plan was to stay in small ski resort Spindleruv Mlyn. There we could snowboard everyday. At some point, when the forecasts would be the best, we were planing to make it to Krkonossky, which is ~10 km from the ski resort – right on Czech-Polish boarder.


The trip to the mountain top is a complicated task. There are o transportation means that could get you there in winter, except one – caterpillar tractor. You have to know the personal phone number of the driver to call it and it will cost you around 100 Eur. On the other hand, there is a very old hotel on top of the mountain, so once you get on the there, you can stay for few days.


Going down is another adventure. There is a road down that you can use whenever you like. Narrow, winding however fun for the intermediate snow borders and quite a tough task for the beginners (as we were).


Due to the weather we decided to spend only one day on the top of the mountain. We met our Czech friend Roman and waited for the tractor. And it came! Enjoying every moment of the burn out on the fresh ice it came to us like a real tank. At least inside it felt like it. We traveled for at least 30 minutes. The sun was shining in the bottom of the mountain. But when we stepped out of the tractor, we couldn’t see a thing. Storm was roaring on the mountain. So much wind and snow that you almost couldn’t see your own fingertips of a stretched arm. We had to wait an hour or two for the wind to go down a little bit and when it did, we immediately packed out our kites.


Anyway, we were really lucky to have Roman with us. Local rider knew not only all the necessary phone numbers but the spot itself. It is essential to know the spot like that due to various slopes and different conditions.


Kiting Conditions on the Mountain

One thing you should know when planning the trip to the mountain. The entire mountain is a national park area, thus any other activity than walking around is prohibited. So, if you’re ready to make the risk, be prepared (at least morally) to pay a fine. Though, police officers rarely come to punish kiters, but such cases are known. If the policemen approached, Roman advised us to act like we don’t understand a thing quickly pack the kites and get out. Sometimes it could help to avoid the fine :)


We visited the mountain in the end of January, so the snow had been melting and freezing again. Hard crust was formed under the fresh snow. Moreover, were unlucky to visit the mountain while the storm was really strong, so the wind blew some fresh snow away. Thus, some places were really unpleasant for snowboard. However, locals say that in the middle of winter, the place gets epic – constant wind and few meters of fresh snow.


The mountain is 1410 meters high so wind blows there all the time. The peak is quite wide so there is no steep slopes around. Due to that all the directions all the wind are suitable. Still it is wise not to go very far away from the mountain hotel. Wind stats prompt that it blows good once or twice a month here. However, then you plan a trip here just have in mind that you are looking not only for the wind but for the fresh snow as well.


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