I Might Become Religious

Girmantas | Kitesurfing | January 25, 2010

My facebook friends know that my political views are wind and religion is hidden between the waves. Those who ride waves understand me.

I started to kitesurf not so long ago – in summer 2009. Many kiters tried to convince me that i must try this new sport, that is much more fun than windsurfing long time ago. I found it ridiculous to hear that. The people haven’t caught a wave on a kitesurf, but already thought they knew everything about windsurfing. Objective reason not to start kitesurfing for me was money. For the price of kite equipment set I was able to go to Cabo Verde or some other great wave spot.

Once i met Aiste – her kites were there for me all the time. I’ve realized that in order to ride the wave better, nicer and more aggressive I must learn more about it. It didn’t take half of a day for me to start kiting and go to the sea.

Since very first moments while kiting I was laking the simple direct feel you have with a sail. You might call it a lack of skill, but handling the kite with 25 meter lines makes it more difficult. It’s obvious that the kite is less responsive, less direct and slower than a sail. I wanted something FASTER.

Laisvunas, also known as Cibas (RRD distributor for Lithuania), mentioned the new RRD wave kite. It seemed that it could be it. Although, I was worried a little if it’s not gonna be anything special. We were super stoked once we’ve been told, that one of the first 3 quivers is coming to La Ventana for the expo. Thanks to Evan (www.live2kite.com) me and Aiste got chance to test them out!


I must admit that kite performance was incredible. The first impression – incredible speed and quick response. The kite feels to be twice smaller than it is. Aiste is used to the small kites, but with 6 sqm RELIGION she felt like piloting a 3 sqm kite.”Two months in a row I go out only with a 6 sqm kite. So the speed of the small kite was no big deal. But with the RELIGION it was totally different sense. It was so fast that first minutes I felt like complete beginner. But in a short time I have realized that the kite catches up with the speed of thought. You can do whatever you want to at the same second you think of it. Although, the kite is really steady all over the wind window. Incredible experience”, – Aiste said. So once you get used to the average bar pressure you realize that it is not only quick, but also steady, has a constant pull, very high upwind ability and a good lift. Something really new to the market.


I may also add that the kite construction 100%  matches declared RRD’s bullet-proof feature. The only thing to consider – the bar. As you will use the kite in the waves – chicken loop release system is not the best. RRD is still working on the next version, but hopefully once the kite is on the market it will be with the new bars already. Also, those who are willing to buy a kite bigger than 9 should wait for the new, slightly longer bar or, as an option, use older RRD bar.


We’re placing the order. For two. RELIGION for the waves.

More pictures.

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