The first batch

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We went to Morocco not only to spend our time in a chilled atmosphere and polish our surfing skills, but [...]

The state of mind

Girmantas | Kita, Video

What is Spotas? It’s not an act, nor time, it’s [...]

What if…

Girmantas | Video

…we take a motorcycle up on 16 stories business center roof, we thought some day this summer. Why would you [...]

Ghetto games

Girmantas | Video

A month or so ago Red Bull has invited me to Latvia, to produce a clip for “Ghetto games” extreme [...]

One million views

Girmantas | Video

When a fellow photographer announced his “Blow Job” photoshoot, I sent him a message “we have to do it in [...]

Spotas reflections | Caleb

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So, ladies and gentlemen, here comes a pinch of sand and salt straight from Mexico to your screens: Lithuanian windsurfer [...]

Coming up: Spotas Reflections

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Winter came to Lithuania and I have started to browse [...]