Baja never ends

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After the fights with the airlines and quite a long trip – everything started coming back to normal in Baja. [...]

Truckers’ chronicle

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Driving thousands of kilometers solo gives you plenty of time [...]

Crossing borders

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Following south by the sunny California coast you meet one of the mostly overlooked and secured border in the world [...]

Racing dark

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Even before waking up at the Pacific coast for the first time, we already knew that long days spent in our [...]

No home without a smoke

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I’ve put in a bed into fresh new Camperizer and some friends started to joke around that we have to [...]

Car for a roadtrip or The Camperizer 2

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Beautiful and extremely different nature and strong, powerful cars – is there a better trip than a true American roadtrip? [...]

Asturias Kingdom

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Rolling down the hills full of mining camps, breaking through [...]