Asturias Kingdom

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Rolling down the hills full of mining camps, breaking through the forest of chimneys spitting fire and smoke you escape [...]


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If someone ever asked me to shortly describe Morocco, I [...]

Lucni Bauda, Czech Republic

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Winter in the Northern hemisphere is snow time. Snow time means that it’s time to test and improve your snowboarding, [...]

Santa Marianita, Ecuador

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Beautiful Latin country Ecuador is divided to four main touristic areas. Galapagos islands are famous for its incredible variety of [...]

The West of Baja

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Baja – the legend of Pacific which is known to majority of water sports and wave lovers. However, even being [...]

Rhodes, Greece

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Rhodes island separates Aegean sea from the Mediterranean. Island is legendary due to one of the Seven Wonders of the [...]

La Ventana

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Baja California is probably the longest peninsula in the world. [...]