Sunset sessions

Girmantas | Surfing, Photography

With the tide coming in and no wind to mess up the wave face, sunset sessions became one of the [...]

The first batch

Girmantas | Surfing, Photography, Video

We went to Morocco not only to spend our time [...]

Dance dance dance

Aistė | Photography, Kita

News from Lithuania. Maybe not so much news for those who know at least a little bit about the dance [...]

Endless Baja

Girmantas | Photography, Travel

If someone ever asked me to describe Baja California in one word, that word would be “endless”. Almost 2000 km [...]


Aistė | Photography, Kitesurfing

While Girmantas is making hot movies from hot Brazil, we are not cold or bored in Lithuanian winter either. Week [...]

Photo story: live from Kaunas streets

Aistė | Photography

Last few weeks brought me few times to Kaunas.  This time it is a short photo story about street style [...]

Unexpected spot

Aistė | Photography

Some of you might already have seen this roof, however [...]