Meet Nick Jacobsen

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Last week you saw some shots of Youri Zoon training in between Argentinian and Australian PKRA stops and today Spotas [...]

Photo story: Youri Zoon

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Nothing much to write about… We met him. We watched [...]

Lucni Bauda, Czech Republic

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Winter in the Northern hemisphere is snow time. Snow time means that it’s time to test and improve your snowboarding, [...]

Perfect wave

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Neseniai, skaitydama Tom Anderson knygą “Riding the Magic Carpet” perskaičiau pasamonėje jau žinomą, bet dar nesuformuluotą mintį. Manau, kad taip [...]

Santa Marianita, Ecuador

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Beautiful Latin country Ecuador is divided to four main touristic areas. Galapagos islands are famous for its incredible variety of [...]

Double prices or “oh god! oh my god!”

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We’ve spent 6 weeks in Ecuador. It’s a beautiful country, however, it wasn’t very welcoming to us. We had to [...]

The West of Baja

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Baja – the legend of Pacific which is known to [...]