To be or not to be… uncool?

Girmantas | Windsurfing | November 01, 2010

Since I enjoy riding equipment that was uncool before uncool was cool (and if you doubt that – check out THIS wooden beauty!), I kinda have to be uncool to be cool. Also, as long as I was trying to have some cool video clip from Baja trip, I was getting nowhere. It was my first time on decent right handed waves so I couldn’t do much of cool things and the footage I brought from Baja was certainly nothing special. On the other hand, I had some funny stuff there for sure! So I have decided to make an uncool movie… check out what happened yourself:

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  1. sla

    chebra…jus mane ikvepiat…aciu!!

  2. Kipras

    Girmis mldc :DD nebijai ant tokiu dideliu bangu surfint?

  3. Maris

    Nice waves, Girmantas. Keep on going! 😉

  4. Laisvis

    Patiko :)