Baja never ends

Girmantas | Surfing, Travel | May 10, 2016

After the fights with the airlines and quite a long trip – everything started coming back to normal in Baja. I’ve picked up my truck, re-packed the bags for a quick trip down south and the next day I was already on my way to Cabo San Lucas – to pick up Marius from the airport.


Experience. You couldn’t call it otherwise. Just as we landed in Mexico, the first good south swell hit the coast. We’ve wanted to experience something new and get the best of it, thus we’ve decided to stick around southern tip of Baja and check out some surfspots around Cabo San Lucas. The goal was clear – to catch some waves, see if we need something extra for camping on the west coast and once the swell passes by – fix it and go north.


On my way to pick up Marius I’ve turned off on a dirt road to see if there’s enough swell on the East Cape (technically – Sea of Cortez). Otherwise – we’d go to the open Pacific on the western side of the cape. After an hour of washboard driving the first loss appeared – a swing bar broke down. I’ve checked it out and decided to move on further and pick up Marius from the airport.


An hour later we were already back on the East Cape and went straight to the water. It was quite a contrast for our bodies – from Lithuania that never even saw a real spring this year so far, to surfing in boardshorts only. Somehow we’ve survived. A couple waves later the sun started to set and we took off to find a place for the night. Once we found a place we liked our luck has faded and we got stuck on sand. Moreover, after quite an unmissable bang it was clear that 4×4 just broke down. Quite a few adventures for one day. Still, like Lithuanian Dakar driver Benediktas Vanagas would say – Baja never ends.


We’ve tried to dig ourselves out for more than three hours and have moved back over the length of our truck. It was clear, however, that we’re not making it out without any help and in the dark. Also – there was no need to get out immediately, so we just went to sleep. Once we started getting around in the morning – some surfers showed up and pulled us out in a few minutes. It’s been only 24 hours, but almost all of the stuff in the truck was already tested! „Good wooden boards for sand“ made the top of to buy list and we went to surf.


Five days just flew by. We couldn’t even say what day it was and what number of sessions surfing we had. The waves just kept coming and we seemed to dial in better and better. Guest star appearance by 2015 ISA world champion Tiarah Blanco is also worth mentioning! And so many things to do – no chill at all! The only good thing – there’s no cell reception on the East Coast. Forget about internet – we hardly made it without it. On the other hand, we tried to pet a rattle snake. Pretty big one – probably around three feet. Mexicans didn’t get it and drove over it. Eight times. Once the waves started fading away – we got back to La Ventana. To fix the truck and ourselves a bit.


Over a few days we have fixed some boards, bought missing stuff for camping, fixed swing bar and AC as well as learned how to fix 4×4. After some rest we took off to the West coast up North. Adventures are just about to begin!

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