Asturias surf camp

Girmantas | Surfing | October 13, 2015

For the second year in a row Spotas is chasing waves in the Northern Spain. This time a bunch of Lithuanians joined us on a trip to Asturias as well. So how does it look, a camp with Spotas you ask?


First of all we stay all together in a big house. Beautiful Gijon beach and city views and enough room for 10. Spacious kitchen was built for traveling chefs and a terrace is perfect for chilling after a long day. On a functional side, office fits our needs perfectly and if that wasn’t enough – pretty much the most attractive part of the house is a garrage. Yes, a dark garrage in sunny Spain. But here’s a twist – ping pong tournaments run 24/7!


Cookong show? Not really. Might be? Quite possibly! Homemade jam, crisp pizzas and seafood paella are just a few of ways to recover after long surf sessions. Not to mention brownie deserts…


One way or another, life in the camp swirls around the waves. we get to drive around the region chasing the best ones and the first weej delivered big time! We have surfed every day and you could notice our students progress from little foamy beachbreak to decent overheads! For more pictures go to!

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