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Windsurfing abstinence which started while we were visiting Tarifa prompted us to do a serious wind research. Begining from the air mass movement around Atlantic ocean and ending with specific research on Meditereanian sea. The reaserch results weren’t joyfull. They almost convinced crazy windheads Girmantas, Algimantas and Marius to travel 800 km to Protugal, to the legend windsurfing spot Guinch. However, before doing that Almeria region cought their eye. Since the photos they have seen from Victor Fernandez home spot (which hapens to be Almeria) were truelly impressive and wind forecast was promising we’ve decided to move immediately.


350 km or four hours by car. Almerimar village is a small port (it seems to be popular among yachtsmen in summer time) with the cozy old city full of little cafes and hotels.

Victor skrydis

While we were about to end our modest lunch the wind picked up. Direction – sideshore from the right, speed – up to 12 m/s. We unwrapped our fives, put fins in our waveboards and enjoyed the water for about an hour. The wind went down a little bit and we wanted to wrap up and go home, however the light green sail appeared. We understood immediately – it’s Victor Fernandez, the world wave vice champion. Few perfect backloops, pushloops, radical table tops and other tricks in front of red sunset were fascinating. We jumped back to the water and followed every move of the vice champion for few more hours. Though waves weren’t very high (up to 1.5 metres) Victor jumped as high as two masts. His cutbacks near the shore were as radical as it is possible. That kind of windsurfing conditions in Lithuania would have been called no good. Still his energy, movement plastics and dinamics was inspiring. That afternoon we sat in front of the video material we took and analized our mistakes, psychologicaly prepared ourselves for the next day.


Beggining with that day, we watched forecasts for Almerimar spot everyday. Next time we went there overnight. Forecasts were promising and our vacation in Spain went to it’s end.


The road to Almeria streches along the Mediterian sea. You can admire the bristling water, watch the inreasing waves while driving. That day the conditions were impresive – 2-3 metre waves, powerful beach break and wind for the 4.0 m2 sail. The white vagon entered the parking lot. It was Victor. We greeted one another and jumped into the water. His trics were seen over the horizon. We also played, jumped and improved ourselves in the waves  inspired by the vice champion over and over again.

Algio frontas

To sail next to the windsurfer of this level is an increadible pleasure. We have improved ourselves more throught these three days than through few sezons in Lithuania. Feeling of the board, control maintainance in turns and rolls, also the speed control in bottom turns – everithing has improved. We were a little bit surprised by the Mediterean waves. They rise on days and in the night time they calm down. Still Almerimar is the perfect place to sail. The wind is always sideshore either from right or left. Beach break is really powerful still possible to overcome :)

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